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Coils power

The power indicated is referred to a temperature of 20°C As known for DC current:
For AC current is showed the apparent power during the inrush (connection moment) and during holding:
P(VA)= V(Volt) x I (Ampere)
In case of AC current, voltage and current are not phase with each other. Phase angle between current and voltage is showed from the angle f  of the resistance triangle ( the three sides mean resistance, reactor and impedance of the circuit).
The power showed in Watt in the case of AC current becomes:
P(watt)=V(Volt) x I(Ampere) x cosj
Power factor  cosj  is always less than 1

The power, or electric input, in a AC current solenoid valve is bigger during inrush and decrease when the armature

stroke is complete.
In the DC current solenoid valves, as the power depends from the coil’s Ohmic resistance, the power is the same during inrush and when the armature stroke is complete too.