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Units of measure

In the international system (SI) the physical and technical units are validated as follows :
Unit of length Meter (symbol m)
Unit of mass Kilogram (symbol Kg)
Unit of time Second (symbol s)
Unit electrical current Ampére (symbol A)
Unit of temperature Kelvin (symbol K)
Unit of luminosity Candela (symbol cd)
Old measuring unit:
Kilopond per cm² Kp/cm²
Meter of water column mH20
Millimeter of mercury column mmHg
Metric atmosphere at
Atmosphere atm

They were replaced in the SI from Pascal

One Pascal corresponds at the pressure of 1 Newton to act on the area of 1 m².
1 Pascal =


  (symbol Pa)


Unit Pa is a very low value and for the standard industrial is used the
Bar (symbol bar) = 0.1 MegaPascal (symbol Mpa=1.000.000 Pa).
The conversion from the old unit of measure to the new one SI is the following:1 Kp/cm² = 0,981 bar
1 bar = 1,02 Kp/cm²The conversion in the SI unit is possible also in the countries
where is not yet used the metric system.
Conversion:1 bar = 14,50 psi
1 psi = 0,07 bar =7.000 Pa

Pressure values, except specific references, are relative to the atmospheric pressure.